Questions & Answers (FAQ)



Age of Limousine

How old are the limousines?

Many firms use old and partially worn sedans. Do not spoil your day of joy. The methods used by us stretch limousines are model year 2009 and all 5 Years replaced with new vehicles. Come along and see for yourself.

Travel costs

Comes to the rent in addition, a lump sum for the- and exit to?
If you have received an offer from us, here is the price for arrival- and departure included. We demand for rentals with start and finish in Baden-Baden, Buhl, Rastatt, Gaggenau, Like Bach and Muggensturm no travel fees. Give us a call!.


Create deals even though I'm not sure yet, if I even want to rent a limo?
And, we create always free for you a written offer, even if you are not sure, if you ever want to ride in a limousine.




Can I visit the saloon before I rent this?
Of course you can visit the limousine. Simply schedule an appointment with us.


Can I decorate the limousine with flowers or even. the coaches?
And, this is possible without any problem. Please discuss this with us in advance but.


Coach Builder

What is a coach builder?
A coachbuilder is a bodybuilder, from manufacturers such as the Lincoln, Chrysler usw. work on customer vehicles delivered remodels to stretch limousine, since there is no stretch limos Factory.



If the roof is made of sheet metal?
And, however, it is usually covered with plastic. Background is, that American coachbuilder have big problems to mount such a length is straight and smooth sheet roof. Therefore, the roof is lined and lightly coated with vinyl or fabric convertible.


EC card

The driver can be paid by debit card?
And, The journey can also be paid in EC Direct Debit. Talk to us, so that the card reader is on board.



-see persons-


May also drive the car into a fine dust zone?
And, because the sedans have a green Feinstaubplaketten, this may also be the time to bring in all the fine zones.


Requires the driver a special license?
And, when people are transported commercially or for a fee, the driver must have a valid driver's license to transport passengers be.


Must be made and in the limousine photos? Of course, photos may be made. You can also visit the chauffeur for a few snapshots to help, hence no one will forget the picture.



The vehicles are allowed to carry passengers?
And, the vehicles are on the Passenger Transport Act as a car company (§ 49 PBefG) authorized. The Supervisory- and approval authority is the District Office Rastatt.


Can be picked up by limousine and baggage
The limousines are equipped with a very large trunk in the ca. 5 Find luggage space. If necessary, also the passenger seat to be expanded, so that here again 4 Find luggage space.


Drinks are available in the sedan?
The limousines are equipped with an integrated bar for drinks. The drinks will be billed separately to the current price list. We are happy to fulfill special requests. Please give us a call.


Wedding or gala evening

Can I book a limo for a wedding or a gala evening?
Of course you can also book for a wedding or other event. No matter what you wish for an event you, we have the solution.



I have an idea but do not know, whether it can be implemented.
Give us a call. We always find a solution – even with crazy ideas.



What is meant by J-Seat?
J-Seat (Corner Seat) is the shape of the side bench seat in the back of the limo. It is this like a "J" shaped and thus continuous.

Bachelorettes / Stag

Can I also use the limousine my bachelorette / Stag party?
Obvious, The limousines are booked very often even for such events.



Children may be taken in the limo?
Yes of course, However, they must be backed up with an appropriate child seat. Talk to us a, We have child seats available in classes II to III.


If the chauffeur dressed appropriately for the occasion?
And, the chauffeurs are always with a suit, Tie, and when desired with chauffeur's cap and white gloves.

Credit card

The chauffeur also accepted credit cards?
And, by appointment, also the fare by credit card are paid directly to the chauffeur.



How long is a sedan?
The limousines are 8,60 m lang. So that you arrive safely at your destination, Our chauffeurs are trained specifically for this car.


Measure, Congresses and festivals

We need a VIP shuttle, you can help us here?
Also if you ever need a stretch limousine for special guests or customers, We are always the right partner.

Minimum stay

Is there a minimum rental?
And, The minimum rental period is one hour and you will notice, This is about more quickly than expected.


Navigation System

The sedan has a navigation system?
And, The limousines are equipped with a navigation system. This is important also in the form, because the driver always sees the road and thus can better decide, as he moves to the next curve best.


Local knowledge

If the driver on the required local knowledge?
And, that drivers have the appropriate local knowledge, because you usually also as a taxi- or bus drivers are working.



How many passengers fit in a sedan? A total of 8 People are transported plus driver.



What do you mean by quality?
We know, that many of our competitors use old used limousines, already been a limousine life z. B. for a casino behind them. As little as you want to climb into a decommissioned taxi, just as little as you want with a limo ride to 100.000 or more miles on the odometer
has. For this reason, we are invariably new cars a, imported directly from the 'Coach Builder "from the U.S..



Is smoking allowed in the vehicles?
No, Rolling stock, for commercial passenger transport are subject to Non smoking Protection Act.


The sedan is cleaned before the ride and this costs extra?
The sedans will be cleaned before each use. Cost of which is included in the rental. Additional costs for excessive pollution but billed separately.


Driving offer

May we take the limousine itself?
Unfortunately NO. The vehicles are not licensed as a self-drive rental car, so they should be performed only by our staff.


What is a stretch limousine
A stretch limo is a vehicle, The coach of a builder sawed apart and was subsequently extended. It does not matter whether the extension only 50 cm or 355 cm is.



Exists between the driver- and the passenger compartment of a partition?
And, It is possible an electrical and opaque partition between the driver- passenger compartment and boot up or sink.



-see offer-


Insurance cover

The sedan is also an appropriate insurance protection?
We are aware, just save that many suppliers here, We do not, however,. The vehicles are a car company, including public liability insurance in the VDK,, (Signal-Iduna Gruppe) insured.


-see Cleaning-

Full tank

The sedan is fully fueled?
And, The sedan is fully fueled and the price of fuel is included in the fare.


Turning circle

How big is the turning circle of a stretch limousine
The stretch limousines have a turning radius of 25 Meters. Therefore, narrow streets taboo for chauffeur.


Can a car in Germany ever be properly maintained?
And, The sedans will be repaired and maintained by German brand workshops, which is not a problem, because Lincoln is a trademark of Ford.


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