Terms of Business- and rental conditions

Business- and rental conditions


§ 1 Scope

The following conditions apply to all contracts for the rental of limousines, Cars and buses, as well as other benefits. A contract for the provision of passenger transport services in the area can only result, when he was confirmed in writing by the landlord by confirmation.


§ 2 Lease

The rental of the vehicle is basically with driver. The driver is acting on behalf of the customer and is responsible during the rental period. He has the right to refuse customer requests, if they violate the law or the risk, that the vehicle or passengers may be injured.


§ 3 Contract / Regress

If the landlord an agreed date no fault, e.g.. technical breakdowns, weather-related emergencies, or regulatory requirements can not be met, the tenant (because of the peculiarities of the vehicle) not be entitled to perform the contract. The landlord tries, the tenant to purchase a replacement vehicle, without which it is a legal entitlement.
Should a replacement be possible, the tenant may choose to demand either a promotion in a taxi vehicle, or the repayment of its deposit.
In the first case, the price agreed to 20% reduced, in the latter case to be over and above the repayment of the deposit beyond the rented property excluded.


§ 4 Contract cancellation

Cancellations are only effective, if made in writing. Cancellations are following proportion of the agreed fare calculated as reimbursement of expenses:
0% to 4 Weeks before the start of the journey, 50% to 2 Weeks before the start of the journey; 100 % thereafter.
The timeliness of written cancellation is the actual receipt of the letter crucial.


§ 5 Switching to other companies

With placement of orders to contractors generally are the customer and the executing contractor contractors. The landlord in this case worked exclusively as a contact agent.


§ 6 Traffic regulations / Insurance / Liability

Because of the size of the vehicle is the responsibility of tenants / Driver of a special duty of care. Rough terrain can be bypassed because of the low ground clearance. Narrow streets are to be avoided. Should never be violated existing traffic regulations.

The vehicle is insured in the statutory framework as a rental. Any damage to the tenant beyond this framework is not the landlord be claimed.

The lessee is liable for all caused by him or the other passengers damages or excessive dirt. Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.

By tenant (or such third party) attached labels, Additions and decorations must be removed from the customer again. He is liable for all damages.

Risks during movie / photo orders or similar actions outside of pure passengers are to be finalized by the tenant insurance (e.g.. Props insurance) to insure.


§ 7 Terms of payment

If no written agreement is payment in full no later than final price payable upon completion of the trip.


§ 8 Delays / extensions of the lease term

Additional costs due to delays shall be borne by the renter, unless, the delays are based on the fault of the Rental.

Extensions of the lease term are possible if the landlord agrees to the extension.


§ 9 Transportation

A promotion is no obligation to. The passengers have to abide by the instructions of the driver.

Passengers act contrary to the instructions of the driver, or they ask for the road traffic a threat to road safety, by impairment of the driver is, is the owner or the authorized driver, they refuse carriage. In this case, the full fare, including the kilometer price and all ancillary- and special services, calculated. The above applies also to the risk of vehicle damage or excessive dirt.


§ 10 Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Gaggenau.


§ 11 Severability

Should any of the conditions are invalid, without prejudice to the other conditions of the ineffectiveness. In this case, apply those rules, that the content of the clause come closest.